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You couldn't see such interesting pics in your daily life. People thought that these pics the most incredible in their life.

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If you really want something that thing will seems impossible. If just strange people wants it and you know about it it will seems craziness.

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Everyone, even cute kitten want to have own toys, so here you can find that item which you are interested in more.

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Start your day with funny gifs and acknowledge yourself that you are also scared if such things happen with you.


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If you have heard about most famous pirates you will interested in such stories. They are legends like a boss.

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If you are interested in robot prototype you can make it by yourself. Here are some istructions on pics. Be creative.

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Black and white portraits of celebs are the best art. Look at all pics and find your lovely hero. Be always cheerfull.

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Dear izifunnyers, it's time to relax. Enjoy all these crazy pics and cheer up, because tomorrow is the middle of the week.

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Cute cat couldn't be just curious and servives head on collision. Take a look and share by the way with your friends.

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They looks so cute at first time but actually in reality they are deadly. Their true faces hidden with innocence.

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If you are bored, throw away everything, relax and look at interesting facts and feed your brain with such facts.

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Fire alarm was turned on than foam party began. It looks like cool frozen car which injured on winter time.

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The Simpsons is more than just lovely cartoon. It is real funny colored stories which remind our life. Take a look.

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Strange people which make everything what they want. Such kind of people are confident that they are right.


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If you look at the history you will find that history full of interesting coincidences. Here are some of them.

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Africa is continent which surprise all with strange and interesting facts. But some of them are so sad. Have a look.

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Japanese people look like cohesive to one family but everyone is unique at the same time. They are best inventors.


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Dear izifunniers, crazy gifs are waiting for you. These gifs are about thinking and choosing the right way. Pay attention how they do it. 


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It is possible that they don't believe in evolution but evolution is not their fan and it doesn't depend on them.

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His girlfriend revenged him with the most funny way. He looks like happy guy from funny cartoon. Do not miss.

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Do not scare to be individual like these pics. Here are amazing collection of awesome individuals and rare humans.

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Start your tuesday with funny emotions on izifunny. I'm sure they will make you laugh. Have a nice day and share.

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Nowadays there are some kind of trend of break up with someone. But after that rare people feel happiness. Find your couple and don't break up.

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In Brooklyn bridge most people leave something, but why they do these, they might be do not know. May be to come back here again or for luckiness. Any case they believe.


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There are a lot of amazing movies about dinosaurs and their life, but no one can guess that if it's real view of them. Have a look and make your own decision.

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