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Choose the right way and make a decision, which of them can live longer. It's up to you. Look around and taste some.

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Take a look at these pics and guess how they look like. Tooltip drawn and it will help you to find the image.

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When you want to memorise the best happy moment of your life make it funny. You will remember it definitely with smile.

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No one can explain women's logic, even women can not understand what they want. Do not try to change anything, just let women be happy.

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Different countries have their own traditions and national clothes, even hats. Have a look so cute hats which can show a little piece of that country.

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We all love cartoons with Simpsons, even if they creating unbelievable accidents and stories. These post for all fans of them.

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They take a pictures like a childhood and the second time it's better then before. They look like grow up on a pictures in a moment.

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Funny way of filtration pics on instagram. They can help to hide pics but it's only illustration. Do not believe your eyes.

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When you want to relax and sleep better you need some processes. These tips will help you to achieve a better result.

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You don't have your lovely game don't be upset, make your own version. Here you can see how to make a custom version of Tte Nintendo Gameboy.


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Do not be upset for monday. It is beginning of new week and new luck. Start your day with funny emotions and have a nice day.


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Dear izifunnyers, here you find some interesting facts, just useful advices and crazy funny pics. Scroll down.

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Disney princesses are so awesome, pretty sparkler and displaying all her charms in Avatar. Have a look.

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Celebrities also may have a problem with tooth and have braces. They do not shy, because their notability depends on their beauty and talent.

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Have a look optical illustrated tattoos, they are so amazing. You can not believe your eyes and want to get one. Have an awesome taturday!


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If you see some coincidences you will start think that may be it is destiny. Do not hurry up, it is just funny concurrency of idea.

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Teamwork is the fastest way of achieving your aims, if you get a right way distribution work. Be in a team and you will never lost.

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Here are your lovely actors and actress, pay attention to their name and find relation between their next pics.


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People try to use everything to circumvent your eyes. Just believe in yourself and stay on your own mind, than you will get a goal.

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Modern dream of youth is to be slim. This couple decided to get skinny together. Good job guys, hold your head!

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